Raul C.

Miami, FL

This company is owned and operated by Mr. Vicente Sanchez, and has been around for over 30 yrs. He is real and live in a real house, you can Google it.
I just had a new, complete a/c installed in my home, replacing a 17 year, 12 SEER with a newer Rheem, 3 Ton, 16 SEER. Brand new out of the box! A manufacturer's 10 yr warrantee; first two years include labour!
This two peson team did the complete install in just over 3 hrs!! Not rushed but methodical and coordinated. Totally satisfied with the quality of the work.
I don't accept shoddy work from anybody and I am not shy about it.

The prices are just the best, and only installs Rheem and that is how he gets the best prices. Price alone won't cut it you also need a quality install which is what I got. He advertises in the Flyer magazine and sticks to the prices he quotes without playing around. You pay extra for things you might need such as a new concrete slab or new steel a/c stand.

Don't call him for a/c repairs as he only repairs/services what he installs.

One more thing, he said he would show up at 7:30 am and he did!

I gave a $10 tip to the assistant just before he was finishing up up the job, for encouragement.


I am cheap and not afraid to admit it. My A/C broke (it was old) and I needed a new one. I searched and searched and finally decided to go with American Economic A/C Company (because you know it they were the cheapest). Well, to my surprise they were very professional and did an awesome job (I got lucky) I got value and quality. Oh, and did I mention fast; you know it is HOT in Miami. I have since recommended them to my friends and family and they to have had nothing but, great things to say about them.